Our underwater treadmill has been specifically developed for high-performance horses: a high-performance trainer which can significantly increase the performance capability - regardless of whether the horse is a galloper, trotter, jumper, or a dressage horse. The device can also be used for treatment, to quickly help convalescing horses regain their previous range of performance.


  • Muscle development for licensing
    Running training in the water develops muscles and fitness - for example, in preparation for licensing.
  • Optimum gait analysis
    Training "on the spot" enables an accurate gait analysis. This enables the identification of weak points for targeted treatment.
  • Improve walking technique
    Training with a low water level helps to develop the walking technique for dressage horses and trotters.
  • Strengthen hindquarters
    EA continuous incline position of up to 15 % specifically
    strengthens the hindquarters of the horse – particularly
    important for jumpers.
  • Stretch gallopers
    The top speed of 50 km/h makes our underwater treadmill the quickest in the world. Even gallopers can push the boundaries here.
  • Stretch trotters
    With a belt width of 1.10 m, our underwater treadmill is also the widest. Even the expansive trot can be trained effortlessly.
  • Up to 1.90 stick measurement
    With a water height of up to 1.60 m above the treadmill,
    horses up to a stick measurement of 1.90 m can be adequately
    unburdened from their own body weight.