Our underwater equine treadmill consists of a running pool with treadmill and observation gallery, a water tank and a filter system as an underground construction.



  • Glazing on three sides
    for optimum observation of the gait
  • Fully automatic safety system
    to protect against falls and injuries
  • Filter system with automatic backwashing
    for the hygienic preparation of the training water
  • Cleaning position at the push of a button
    for the convenient cleaning of the running pool and water tank
  • Automatic functions
    • water level, speed and incline position of the treadmill are computer-controlled
    • the system is operated using a touch screen

Technical Specifications

Category Dimensions
Size of the device 5.25 m length x 3.70 m width x 3.72 m height
Running surface 4.50 m length x 1.10 m width
Treadmill speed 5–50 km/h
Maximum water volume 1.60 m above treadmill level
Maximum water volume 12 m3
Maximum pump duration 3 min