PHYSIO-TECH GmbH is a well established company specializing in manufacturing of high quality appliances for physiotherapy such as UNDERWATER TREADMILLS

An interdisciplinary team made up of engineers and technicians working with specialists in neurological medicine, orthopedy and physiotherapy.

Our appliances are made in accordance with the highest quality requirements in our factory in Kiel, Germany.

During the development of new products we pay particular attention to optimizing the features as well as improves handling and maintenance for physiotherapy. We are committed to developing new products e.g. underwater treadmills for humans, horses and provide our customers with innovative technical solutions and responsive support.


Pongo suffered from intense joint pains...

To soothe the joint pains related to old age of his half-breed Bernese mountain dog Günter Michl designed his first underwater treadmill in 2002 for the canine physiotherapy. Already after eight to ten training units a significant progress was observable. Dogs with age, illness or race related weaknesses at muscles, tendons, bones and joints are mobilized and strengthened with the help of hydrotherapy. And even healthy animals can profit: they can gently exercise against obesity or for performance.

Quality speaks for itself

A veterinary surgeon heard of Pongo’s progress, had a demonstration of the underwater treadmill and immediately ordered one for his practice. In the circle of his fellow veterinarians the news spread fast about the speedy healing success.

Since 2004 the interest for the PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill has constantly risen. In close contact to specialists of the neuro medicine, physiotherapy and orthopedics PHYSIO-TECH has continuously improved and further developed their underwater treadmill.

The PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill works already successfully in 13 European countries and some dogs also exercise on the PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill in Japan.