Sequence of treatment


Water is filled from the water supply into the storage
reservoir and can be preheated when required.
The non-slip rubber mat is attached to the front door
and the dog steps comfortably into the therapy basin
over the lowered front door.
The front door is locked and the rubber mat is removed.
The water is pumped from the storage reservoir
into the therapy basin until the water-level reaches
approximately the chest height of the dog. The exact
water quantity varies according to the individual
constitution and the illness of the animal.
Slowly start the treadmill with the remote control
and adapt the treadmill speed to the respective
individual conditions.
To finish the treatment, adjust the treadmill speed
slowly down to a standstill. The water is then pumped
back into the storage reservoir via the built-in filter.
The water can be re-used for the next treatment.
The dog is towelled off in the therapy basin.
The rubber mat is replaced and the dog exits
the therapy basin through the front door.