The new generation of underwater treadmills!



With the PREMIUM model we have completely reinvented the technology for canine hydrotherapy. Two innovative features make the PREMIUM unique:

continuous automatic treadmill elevation
of up to 77 cm working height with just a touch of a button

continuous automatic treadmill incline
from any treadmill height with just a touch of a button

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Unlimited treatment options with perfect working comfort!

Stress-free contact with the dog

  • optimum adjustment to the individual dog
  • quiet operation with a high-performance drum motor

Simple, effortless operation

  • all treadmill positions are automatically available at a touch of a button
  • no manual alterations are necessary

Significant time savings

  • increased pump performance with two pumps
  • just one valve stopcock for running pool and storage tank
  • rapid familiarization

Increased hygiene

  • cleaning position at the touch of a button
  • optimized accessibility of treadmill parts
  • no residual water when pumping out

Individual retro-fitting available at any time

  • with special accessories