The new generation of underwater treadmills!




TREADMILL ELEVATION Check Automatic, continuous treadmill elevation up to a maximum of 77 cm
above the floor.
For the back-friendly treatment of dogs of all sizes
TREADMILL INCLINE POSITION Check From any treadmill height during training: automatic continuous incline
setting of up to 15 %.
To increase the training effectiveness or for treatment of specific injuries.
RUN DIRECTION REVERSAL Check To change the run direction of the treadmill so that the animal
can be observed from both sides. In combination with the incline setting, ascending and descending run training is possible
CONTINUOUS SPEED REGULATION Check suitable for the state of health of the patient
INTERNAL WATER FILTER Check mechanical filter to remove hair
and large pieces of dirt from the water
EXTERNAL WATER FILTER WITH UV LAMP Check removes small suspended sediments and sterilizes
together with the UV lamp
UNDERWATER MASSAGE Check with powerful, adjustable water jet
Check for the optimum water temperature
RUBBER MAT Check anti-slip, for getting in and out
EXTENDABLE STEPS Check for a comfortable working height
ACCESSORIES (can be retro-fitted at any time without provision costs)
COUNTER CURRENT SYSTEM OPTION to increase the training effectiveness
TOP FRAME WITH WALKING AID OPTION for the treatment of dogs with restricted mobility
SOFTWARE AQUASOFT OPTION displays the data for the running training
(speed, route, time etc.)
ACCESSORY STANDS OPTION for the safe storage of accessories, e.g.
underwater massage hose, walk-on guard plate, rubber mat