The therapeutic treatment which corresponds perfectly to today’s demands of veterinary medicine

The canine hydrotherapy with an underwater treadmill is a veterinary method of treatment valued for many years in the area of the orthopedics and neurology as an addition to the classic treatments.

Because of the buoyancy the weight is relieved, the motion is more painless and the animals are motivated to move despite illness or injury.

Altogether, hydrotherapy has a very positive effect to the skeleton, neuro-muscular heart circulation and respiratory system.

Possible fields of application of underwater treadmill

Therapeutical support for:

  • preoperative conditioning
  • post-operative rehabilitation
  • illness in the muscular and skeletal area
    (dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis)
  • injury of the ligaments, muscles, chords, spinal column
  • training against obesity
  • endurance and muscle stamina training
    for sleigh and racing dogs