PHYSIO-TECH is a manufacture of high-quality equipment for hydrotherapie, exclusively Made in Germany.

The close contact to our customers makes it possible for us to develop solutions which are adapted to the individual needs of the patient as well as securing simple handling and more workplace convenience for the therapist.

Hydrotherapie with the PHYSIO-TECH
Underwater Treadmill

The PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill enables the therapist to execute different exercises. By the individual, technical coordination for every single dog the impact, which has an effect on the animal, can be adjusted optimally.

Multiple possibilities, individual settings!

Prevents injuries to the back of the therapist

  • Treadmill elevation for the treatment of small dogs

Stress free handling of the dog

  • Simple entry and exit via the entry door
  • Continuously variable treadmill speed

Increase of rehabilitation and training effect

  • Treadmill inclination
  • Underwater massage
  • Counter current system

Dog’s movements can be observed from either side

  • Treadmill reverse switch to change the treadmill direction of rotation

Physical rehabilitation of paralyzed dogs

  • Top rack with safety harness

Optimal customer and patient data management

  • Software AquaSOFT

Hygiene and water consumption economy

  • The double filtration and disinfection with a UV lamp permits a long time use of the therapy water.
  • High-quality materials and production quality -Simple access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Treadmill can be erected and removed easily.
  • Storage reservoir and therapy basin are easy to open and to clean.