1. Can I sufficiently relieve big dogs?

Due to the flat construction of the PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill a water depth of 67 cm over treadmill level can be reached. Even a German mastiff is sufficiently relieved of its weight at this depth of water.

2. Can I also give therapy comfortably to small dogs?

Because of the treadmill elevation dogs can exercise on a height of 48 cm over the floor level. They can be reached comfortably and ergonomically during the therapy.

3. How can I train sports dogs and working dogs for performance?

By the individually configurable treadmill speed, the possibility to adjust the treadmill in a sloping position or by adding an additional resistance (underwater massage, countercurrent device) the training effects can be increased.

4. How can I treat dogs with restricted mobility?

The top rack with tethers is the optimal solution for patients with restricted mobility. The dog is kept safe in straps and is fixed to the top rack in an optimal position while the treadmill motion stimulates and reactivates nerves and muscles.

5. Is the training hygienic for dogs in the PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill?

Although the therapy water can be re-used for several treatments, the training is hygienic for the dogs. Two filters and a UV lamp take care that the water is cleaned mechanically and biologically. Dirt parts are removed and bacteria are killed. In addition, there are no distracting components in the storage reservoir or in the therapy basin. The treadmill can be lifted into the vertical position with one hand movement and can be completely removed without using tools. All elements can therefore be cleaned comfortably and thoroughly.