MODEL Comfort


An Underwater Treadmill Model Comfort with an appropriately higher water-level is suitable for dogs of all sizes and races. To optimize working with the model Comfort we offer optional accessories (can be retrofitted).

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Dimensions Dimensions:
HEATING Check for an optimal water temperature
TREADMILL REVERSE Check to change the treadmill direction of rotation, so that the animal can be inspected from both sides
TREADMILL SPEED AJUSTABLE Check suitable speed for the physical condition of the patient
GAS SPRING FOR ENTRANCE DOOR Check makes opening and closing of the front door easier
RUBBER MAT FOR ENTRY Check anti skid rubber mat for safe entry and exit
RETRACTABLE STEPS Check for a comfortable working level
UNDERWATER MASSAGE Check with a firm, adjustable jet of water
ELEVATION FOR SMALL DOGS Check can be lifted to the second level; this also prevents strain to the back of the therapist at work automatic
TREADMILL INCLINATION AUTOMATIC to increase the training effect available in a autoamatic (from 0-14%) version
INTERNAL FILTER Check mechanical filter, filters hair and major contamination
EXTERNAL FILTER WITH UV LAMP Check removes smaller contamination and with a UV lamp disinfects the water
COUNTER FLOW SYSTEM OPTION to increase the training effect
FRAME FOR TETHERS AND HARNESS OPTION for the treatment of dogs with limited or no mobility
SOFTWARE AQUA PC OPTION for the acquisition of therapy data (speed, distance, elapsed time)
SOFTWARE AQUA PRAXIS OPTION is administration software especially for small animal physiotherapy practice
ACCESSORY RACK OPTION for the safe storage of the accessories, e.g. counter current device, protective plate guard